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Get Your Website Set up on A Dedicated Hosting Server in 48 hours

If you want to have a dedicated website for your personal use or for business, you need a dedicated hosting server.

Setting up hosting can be tricky for those who have never done this before.

The Problem:

You have a business or product that you want to share with the online world, but don't know where to start.

Starting a website can be time consuming and expensive. It doesn't have to be.

Creating content or perfecting the design are some major obstacles that some face when deciding to build an online presence. We have a solution for that too. Click here to see our Web Design services.

Though before we do all of that creating, What is the actual first step that needs to be taken?

Step 1 in creating an online presence is

1. Creating a Customer URL

2. Setting up a hosting server to store all of your website assets ( picture, pages, content ect.)

The Solution:

Outsource this type of work and have your website up and ready in 24-48 hours.

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How it works

Step 1 

Purchase the Web hosting package from us

Step 2

Provide us with the requisite information we need to customize your property. Simple onboarding form takes 15 minutes.

Step 3

Wait 24-48 hours for your web hosting to be completely set up and transferred to you

Step 4

Receive and email containing all of your login information and assets tied to your property.

Step 5

Pay $200 per year for us to manage your hosting.

You can cancel or transfer your hosting anytime. Free of charge.

* We can perform this transfer for you for $50 to any hosting provider you choose*

Web hosting in cloud showing all services

The Benefits of outsourcing your web hosting

Web hosting in all honesty is very easy to set up. You can get the basics of your website up and running within1- 5 hours depending on your service provider.

If you have the budget and the time to spare then we would recommend trying to set up hosting yourself. You can scroll to the bottom of the page to find out how to get hosting set up with our best service provider Siteground.

If you want a quick done for you service that is guaranteed to go right the first time with a commitment of just 15 minutes, this is for you.

Some of the benefits of done for you hosting include:

Services provided
  • A 99.9% uptime hosting provider set up and optimized for you
  • Hosting monitoring and management
  • Pay annually to host your website for a low hosting fee. ($200)
  • One click website installations
  •  All asset information securely sent to you within 48 hours

Start customizing and creating your online presence properly. Don't leave fundamental tasks to chance and let us get you started on the righjt path to success in the digital world.

Interested in Setting up your own hosting? Watch this video!

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