Why a small agency is the right choice.

So, what values do we represent here at Vear Digital Marketing?  We are zeroed in on one goal.

Bring more customers to small and medium size businesses.

The goal is simple in essence; however, it speaks in volume to our value proposition.  There are hundreds of SEO companies out there to choose from. Unfortunately, not all are created equally.  Our team has worked and lived the “big time” SEO game, and we at Vear Digital now have dedicated ourselves to addressing their shortfalls.  We want you to reap the benefits of the lessons we’ve learned, and the ethics that we have developed in response to the all-too-common corporate deficiencies.

Read on if you want to know what sets us apart from larger agencies, and how choosing Vear will be a meaningful investment in driving success to your business.


Simply put, Big SEO companies tend to squeeze small business owners like yourself out of valuable profits and take the opportunity instead to use your dollars to supplement their corporate clients.

Operating on a do less and achieve the minimum policy, they provide small business owners with just enough results to try and justify a lacklustre effort, like throwing them into old and outdated template strategies and subscribing individual services into the same type of programs as a storefront or ecommerce website.

 Essentially, the results you payed for in first place are minimized by their “one-size-fits-all” strategy.

Here at Vear, we generate and implement a strategy that fits your company.


When large agencies invest, they are looking purely for the largest return on investment. Rarely will you find an agency that takes the money you have invested in them, then reinvests those funds on your behalf.  Some agencies will simply look for the most cost effective (read: cheapest) way to appease your business’s needs.  Most will claim this is “smart business” (a direct quote from a former boss)

Smart for who, though? Are these agencies choices really made with your business’s success in mind?

Your investment in an agency should be used in a calculated and wise manor, and should directly benefit your business. Period.

This brings up the time management argument that we love to have. Cost effective SEO is great. Most of our agency applications are cost effective. Though to generate speed, there must be some investment.

Hands down we are faster than any agency in the modern day because we understand that a happy client who is finding success will better understand the value we bring in such a competitive space.

Stop paying for an agency to pay their rent. Pay for YOUR results instead.



So, you signed a contract for thousands of dollars to be with the big guys. However, usually the person fulfilling your campaigns gets a wage.

It may be bold to say buuuut, they do NOT care about you.

Come 5pm that employee is gone home and long forgotten about the idea of growing your business.

We pride ourselves on individualized and responsive customer care, so that if you have a concern Saturday morning and want to talk about it, Vear is available to address and discuss solutions to those concerns.

Less cost, more available and dedicated.



When dealing with large-scale agencies, if you are not paying big corporate money, you will not get the big corporate specialists.

If you, the reader has signed up for SEO or marketing campaigns before under a small business name, chances are your account was issued to an apprentice or worse yet… an intern.

To this day we haven’t found intern pricing listed anywhere on these big agency websites. Have you?

This would all be fine if the typical agency took the time to actually cultivate a personalized SEO and growth strategy for your business. Seldom is that the case.

At Vear, this personalization is the foundation of our strategy.


We have a client cap of 35.

Some agencies have upwards of 500 clients!

Wow looks good on paper. Ever hear the phrase “Mo money – Mo problems”?

The bigger a company gets the more it needs to invest in training, liabilities and operations just to name a few.

Let alone a space to hold all these people and equipment. Have you seen the real estate market lately? Or even the cost of consumer electronics?

Even something as trivial as coffee and tea for a massive employee team is an expense that MUST be factored in.



Ever sign up to a service and felt like you’ve spoken to everyone who who could possibly work for the company?

Jack handles billing and Gill handles sales. Don’t forget about tom who is doing 10% of your order and the new girl Jen who needs a bit of extra time time to get something as simple as an article published.

” Oh no sorry mam you’ve reached Dan in customer service, let me transfer you to our admin department to discuss your billing inquiries”

I’m tired already trying to memorize all these names and placing them within the right category and contact information to contact them in the future.

You’re a business owner. You are busy. Believe it or don’t, your time is valuable.

Knowing you’re calling the right person, someone you know well enough and trust with your business can go a long way in getting a better sleep at night.

Speaking to one person who is overqualified is easily argued to be a better solution.

That’s why we call Dan the plumber and not Bill the apprentice when we need something of value fixed or upgraded.


In the same industry and local as one of their other clients?

Forget about all the promises that were made to you when you signed up. The higher paying customer takes precedent and ultimately will act as a siphon to your investment.

This is not a joke.

The writing is on the wall with this one.

SEO is a winner takes all game.

If you have to match spending power with a corporation, well you might as well just have a bonfire in the back yard with your invested money. At least you get to see it go up in smoke physically.

Digital arbitrage is a common practice in this industry.



We left the “big leagues” to actualize the value that SEO can provide for a small business. Vear knows that major search engines are far and away more lucrative than any advertising or brick and mortar strategies.

Simply because it isn’t time capped and the work put in remains long after it has been established.

We are focused on showing these agencies that enough is enough and get pleasure from liberating small business’ from the shackles of the “do less achieve the minimum mentality.

Small pricing and big results paired with the best customer service we can possibly provide.

This separates us and shows our clients we are dead serious about growing their business.

Thanks for reading,

To your continued success,

The team at Vear Digital