Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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A great website counts for nothing if people can’t find it! That’s why search engine optimization is critical. Our proven SEO programs will help your website rank higher, giving your business the online visibility it needs in order to succeed.

There’s a lot more to SEO then you’ve been told. Content marketing, building your back-links, local SEO, and on-page SEO, whatever your website needs in order to be found, that’s what we’ll build into your customized SEO program.

Local Search

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Search engine optimization isn’t just for online businesses. Given the growing trend towards location-specific web searches, it’s a valuable marketing tool for companies with physical locations too. By working to increase your prevalence in local search engine results, our team of SEO experts can help ysou to gain more local customer.

Google My Business

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One of the vital tools to help grow businesses’ online presence is Google My Business. This tool easily allows a customer to find what they need at the top of google in the maps with posts, pictures, and reviews to help guide their decision. As a result, Google My Business listings increase a business’s chances of being found online when their business pops up in the maps and being at the top of the maps increases customers.



On page SEO the practice of optimizing individual websites  in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.This refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off page SEO refers to links and other external signals.

Every day, our proven, powerful search engine optimization and precisely targeted marketing strategies help businesses like yours to maximize their revenue, with results that you can see directly on your bottom line.



Off-page SEO simply tells Google what others think about your site. For example, if you’ve got a lot of valuable links pointing to your pages, search engines will assume that you’ve got great content – the type that provides value for users.

 Basically we tell Google your site is trustworthy. Providing sustainable and authority driven backlinks and citations to increase your website and local business visibility. These strategies act as a powerful conductor that will bring your website authority to new levels. Website authority rankings scale from 1-100.

If your Business authority scale sits below 20, chances are you will not be ranking in the top 3 google map pack. We develop and maintain this authority to keep your business easily discovered.

These scores are simple to get. Just request a website audit. And we will tell you exactly where you rank.

Social Media Optimization

Social media blocksGoogle rankings are just an algorithm that helps the systems understand everything about a business. Ensuring all company information is accurate and relevant is a big factor in ranking on Google. If your social media accounts are not ‘readable”, Google will not be able to link them together to solidify the information your company is trying to facilitate. Think of it as a house of cards. One important piece is always leaning or using another for support. Your business is by no stretch a house of cards. Though the Google algorithm is…

Vear will optimize and maintain your images, company information and social linking. This includes links to and from your website.

Vear Digital Marketing also has a chat bot strategy that can help you convert customers inside of Facebook messenger.