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On this page you can get an idea of what kind of applications and software we use to get more traffic to you. These companies are unique in the business management, research , content creating and marketing spaces. Our SEO would be much weaker without them. We share these assets for individuals and companies to take advantage of industry leading services. Without all the extra leg work needed to compare. When you become a client of ours, some or all of these companies will be involved in getting traffic to your business.

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The foremost SEO tool on the market. We use this tool to analyze competitors in any industry and gauge their online presence. We track our clients growth and are able to generate comprehensive reports on their behalf.

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The ultimate content creator when it comes to leveraging high authority sites. With access to site like Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch, Ampifire is always our first point of contact when ranking a client.

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An unorganized SEO company will never keep clients. We use Clickup within our organization to generate our automated services. Moreover, assign jobs and tasks to our specialists. There are many services like Clickup on the web. However, Cost and user interface are clear in separating them from the pack.

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The automation king. Zapier has the largest and most scalable intergrations on the market. It is a key role player for any company looking to automate data input, Sales Gateways, email automation and so much more. SO much more. With over 300 integrations to choose from Zapier can save a company thousands in admin costs. Time is valuable. Zapier is the solution.

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This one problem solution software is a total time saver for SEO agencies. This web application helps us update, validate and deploy codes to client websites and to the Google Consoles. This helps with the headache of coding and ensures that nothing is missed when deploying new code. It can generate and detect errors within a schema code. This can be the difference between ranking on page 1 or page 3.

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GoToMeeting is our demo software used to demonstrate our value to prospective clients. We also use it for our monthly reports when getting face to face with clients. There are other software like Zoom or Webinar-master. We use this one for its simple interface and above all, its low cost.

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The complete social syndication system. DFYSuite is one of the best optimizing programs to help put our social profiles to work. Instead of wasting countless hours or hiring a social media employee, We get DFYSuite to manage and measure our socials. The time vs quality argument makes the strongest case for DFYSuite as it can run social syndication campaigns and have them indexed within 48 hours. This helps us rank clients quickly and effectively.

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The ultimate Facebook advertising tool. madgicx has quietly been taking over the Facebook and Google ads world. With its phenominal flexability madgicx has been able to save us thousands for our ROAS (Return on ad spend). It leverages Facebook pixels and does a better job demonstrating valuable ads and optimizing spending.We can confidently state that we were barley relevant until we found madgicx.

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Madgicx – The All-in-One Google & Facebook Advertising Platform


Tired of asking customers or clients the same questions that lead to similar results? With Typeform we are able to gather, integrate and store information that is vital for our services. Paired with other applications Typeform can be a formidable allied approach to time management and data input. We use Typeform for on-boarding where our clients information is integrated and propagated to save us time and more important, offer a seamless transition from transaction to fulfillment. 

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New on the scene. SmartEngage is the runaway winner when it comes to email marketing and automation. Whether you want to provide templated educational emails, contact everyone on your email list about a new product or service, or create lead magnets. SmartEngage is the best communication tool in our arsenal. We are able to effectively educate our clients during the fulfillment process. Provide follow up emails without having to retype the same message. ( Really great if a client just forgets to check their email.). We are also able to generate Google reviews with a rad new email sequence that helps our clients separate themselves from their competitors. 

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While we prefer Ahrefs and Serped for our analytics, Google analytics is great for our clients.

1.) ITS FREE !

2.) With every package we offer, We install GA tracking codes into our clients websites.

This allows our clients to keep us accountable and track campaign progress.
Likewise for newbies just starting an SEO campaign a free way to track your progress is always welcomed. If you want to implement this yourself for your business, Give us a call. We can help you set it up FREE OF CHARGE. It takes about 10 minutes.

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Serped.net is the creator of our in house software know as the “Fusion Command Center”

Unfortunately this is not available to the general public. However, like Ahrefs, Serped is a cost effective research tool that can generate some valuable reports. We use Serped for our website audits. Because we bring them so much business they have offered us an amazing discount that helps us provide the website audit service.

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Google isn’t the only search engine on the internet. The runner up for king of the internet goes to Bing.
Like Google they have a ranking system and their systems tie in directly with Google. So much so that you can actually just sync a Google account to it.
If you have a GMB listing but have not tied it to a Bing account, We highly recommend you do this.
This alone will catapult your SEO fundamentals past any company that has not yet invested in SEO.

They should have chosen a cheetah for the logo.
Did you know that a fast website generates around 20% more sales?

Imagine if Amazon had a slow clunky website ( Well, they kind of do ).

People in the modern day don’t wait for ANYTHING. If a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, that page is loosing visitors left, right and centre.

Convertri is fast. Its a website builder that has bar none the fastest hosting servers out there. We use them to create sales funnels for our clients.

Honestly, there is Loads more we could say about this company. But we will provide the link if your interest is peaked.

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Dropbox has been relevant for a long time now. We don’t claim to experts in the cloud storage space.
What we do know is Dropbox integrates well with just about all of our applications. Allowing us to store everything our teams needs for ease of access when performing tasks for our clients.
When our team is assigned a job, they know where to get the pertinent information they need to fulfill a job ON TIME.

Just one more reason why we are currently not hiring ;P

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If you’re still using Microsoft office, we applaud you.
Google docs is our preferred choice.
Cloud integration and CSV exporting is much easier with Google docs.
Not to mention dynamic editing!

If you become a member of our SmartReview service. It will be the only argument you’ll ever need to make the switch.
In case you need one more argument, *cough FREE cough*


A synergistic relationship. If you are joining us today from across the border and are looking for some SEO services, We recommend PMnow. The team at PMnow are highly touted and have an outstanding reputation.
With over 50 clients at the time of writing, PMnow is poised to help small businesses generate more traffic.

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