Pay Per Call

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The Pay Per Call Service

Our Pay Per Call service pairs our abundant SEO knowledge and helps potential customers find your business.

All this is done by simply providing:

- A good Sales Phone number
- An active Company Email

- A short Onboarding form ( 15 min )

- Patience

The Problem:

You have the best service in your area. The problem is people cannot find you.

Weather your a complete beginner or you've already found success in business and are looking to scale. Our service is catered for the growing and scaling business. The problem for many of our clients is the learning curve and time consuming implementation process of a successful SEO Strategy.

The Solution:

Solidify your local online presence with a simple form submission.

We can generate quality leads using our proven methods for helping companies win more business. No more wasted man hours on marketing strategies that MIGHT work.

Let Vear Digital place a magnet on your business that attracts

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How it works

Step 1.

Purchase service and be redirected to small Onboarding webform.

Step 2.

Fill out the onboarding form to the best of your ability. This will ask about all the critical information we need to start forwarding and tracking leads to your phone and website.

Step 3.

Wait for the phone to ring or the inbox to ping.

When answering the phone you will hear " This lead was provided by Vear Digital"

Press the number 1 to be connected to your lead

Step 4.

Sell your service to the qualified lead.

*Step 4 is when your return on investment starts soaring*

Step 5.

On the 2nd of every month you will be provided with a fully detailed lead tracking report. You will be sent an invoice for the services provided and be asked to pay for the leads that have been generated for you.


Total calls 

These are the total number of submission form requests and calls that have been sent to your property

Duplicate calls

Calls that are sent through but not counted as a qualified lead

Answered calls

These are the calls that have been tracked for more than 30 seconds and qualify as a lead. These are the calls you are billed for.

Missed Calls

Our least favorite is the missed calls report. These are leads that were looking for your business but did not get answered by you. These do not count as qualified leads as the conversation must last 30 seconds or more to qualify


These are voicemails that were left for our client and recorded in our tracking software.

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Simple, fast and effective flexible move




  • Simple Web Design 
  • Unlimited Leads from search
  • Small SEO boosting
  • Call Tracking and Reporting
  • Basic Lead Generation Site

Our most popular package is versatile and gets outstanding results





  • Premium Web Design
  • Unlimited leads from all our assets
  • SEO and local citation boosting
  • Mobile Website Optimization
  • Call Tracking and Reporting