On Page SEO


On Page search engine optimization is the reference to how well a websites internal networking performs. This ranges from site speed, mobile optimization, readability and crawling. Google is only willing to list a website that it believes will be user friendly. Therefore as we know Google cannot form opinions, it must make a decision on where to rank a company based on its data findings.

If Google cannot read or match relevant content on a website, it will regard the information as “not useful”. This will hurt a specific page or an entire websites chances of ranking in google maps. It will also hurt the keywords that are included in the website.

Image optimization is important. From our experience 92% of all websites are not image optimized. Even SEO websites are not image optimized and they want to offer SEO services. While image optimization is not a large contributing factor to your overall rankings, it creates a good opportunity for key word placement. And if most companies are not performing this optimization, this is just one more leg up your business could have on the competition. You’ll notice that we use images on our website sparingly. Thats because images take data. While they are compressed greatly, these images are still just one more thing that the website must load for its user. Depending on the industry, a website should formulate its content to show value. Our website is optimized and humming along. 😀

Internal linking is another great way to show Google that your site is ready for traffic. Linking your services and primary information together shows Google that your site is user friendly. Internal linking can be tricky for some as there is a specific format that Google wants. We have turned this strategy into an art form. Our strategy is minimally invasive and gets amazing results.

Keyword matching is the most simple and effective way to produce amazing on page search engine results. Important things like the URL of the website along with its title is so powerful in ranking a business. We know exactly how to format and optimize these small intricate details.

Our on Page SEO takes nothing away from the image of your business. It simply compliments and reinforces your content. We are masters of all things SEO. Please reach out to us and book a strategy call with one of our agents.