Off Page SEO

Off Page Search engine optimization is the reference to how many links are coming from outside of your site. These can include blogs, citations and shopping links to name a few. There are several types of links and thus, several types of quality associated with those links. As you may have already read, Google uses a ranking system that takes into account over 200 different variables relating to the information found inside AND outside of your website or Google My business.

Off page SEO is likely the most important part of ranking in Google. Some SEO "experts" may disagree. Well that's because quality links cost money. Which means that most agencies will not provide quality links. They would much rather provide a mass of links that Google probably does not even recognize. Rendering them useless and that data is taking up room on your website and within your rankings.

There is a semblance of a snowball effect which goes both ways. If your links are poor in quality, it will be that much harder to win back those rankings.

Should your links be of the highest quality from high authority links, Google will reward your business for this.

What is quality and what is rubbish?

In order to discern this aspect besides the obvious. It is vital to understand how Google feels about the websites your business is associated with. This requires further analysis into that specific URL.


Our in house software can detect and track up to 2000 backlinks at once. We can monitor its performance and deduce its authority driving power. We can in turn create strategies from our winners and eliminate our losses. Fully Optimizing your Off page search engine optimization.

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