Lead Generation

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Every Business Needs More Business

Our lead generation solutions provide service industries with consistent incoming customers that are actively searching for the services you provide.

We use our valuable resources to find you new business opportunities.

Lead generation can be a costly and time consuming task. Those that may be starting their first business or launching a first attempt at an online presence are more likely to spend needlessly on marketing campaigns.

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Pay Per Call Lead Generation

If a job opportunity was worth $500 in net profit, and all you had to do was spend $30 to get the job, would you gladly pay for this opportunity?

Our clients on a pay per call basis pay a flat rate for every lead that is referred to them. The only heavy lifting on your end will be answering the phone.

Each call is vetted for duplicates, solicitors and has a minimum call duration. This means that you will never pay for an unqualified lead. We do everything possible in our inhouse software to prevent this.

We also Send reports and are able to record all calls for you. This helps with quality and training purposes. Moreover, this keeps us accountable for the quality of delivered leads. 

Benefits and Features of The Pay Per Call Service

Below are some of the benefits to our pay per call service. Our clients love the ease of this service. In 10 short minutes, you're company could be set up and ready to start reviewing phone calls from us.

 Included in This Service
  • High Quality leads delivered instantly
  • Weekly and Monthly detailed reports on deliverables. 
  • No website setup or tech required. Fill out a simple form and wait for some calls.
  • Leads are qualified. No duplicates or solicitors.
  • No commitment, cancel anytime.

Click the link above to see our pay per call page. 

This includes a full run down on how the service works, what the sign up process is like, and how easy it is for you to get started today.

Rent and Rank - Monthly Lead Subscription

Our monthly lead subscription is for those who want the highest possible lead generation in their selected service areas.

We will crated a website and use our SEO expertise to rank a site that is dedicated to one thing...

Bringing You More Business!

The Rent and Rank lead generation gives your business double the online presence and funnels all the customers actively searching for your business, straight to your phone and email.

Paired with our SEO services, this can be quite powerful, Imagine being ranked #1 AND #2 in a google search?

The Top 3 Options in Google Search Get 80% of All Clicks

Say you're a roofer, and you live in Vancouver.

"Roofer in Vancouver"  gets around 800 searches per month.

80% of 800 searches is 640 searches going to the companies holding the top 3 spots in google search.

Now imagine you owned most of that search traffic!

If even 5% of those 640 searches are qualified leads, you would only need to convert a few of them to get a good return on investment.

What you get with our Rent and Rank Subscription

The Rent and Rank subscription offers some major exclusivity and specific assets that are guaranteed to bring in more jobs for your company.

Included in This Service
  • Fully customized Website that is dedicated to your business
  • Full SEO, Website design and Hosting done for you to generate leads
  • Unlimited reporting, Call tracking
  • No Commitment, Cancel Anytime
  • No Tech or Skills Required, Fill out our submission form and wait for the Results to roll in.
  • Don't pay for service unless a minimum threshold is reached

Rank and Rent will put your marketing efforts on autopilot and give you outstanding return on investment. Those who want consistent and reliable calls to turn into revenue, are urged to read more on the Rank and Rent Page.