Citations Service

What Are Citations?

The Problem:

You may be paying high rates for local listings. Often these listings can be retainer based, causing poor return on ad spend. 

People do not use dated ways of finding business anymore. Most customers will be one of three types.

Return business, Physical location and Google search.

Having at least of of these 3 types of presence in the business world can set one up for success.

The Solution:

Google search is responsible for referring millions of businesses per day to users that are searching for solutions.

Citations carry long term power. They help a website rank organically by sending trust signals and traffic to Google.

Citations receive a lot of traffic power too. They are listed on websites that work on a referral model. Citations are often compared to old phone books.

Imagine if you could send out as many phone books with your listing on it as you wanted?

To any country or any type of locale?

Citations are the replacement of phone books and spot advertisement.

Pivot to the highest referring thing in the world....Google search.

Power up your property by having it discovered Exactly where people are looking...citations.

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Citations Can be ranked

Citations have the ability to generate insane leads

Which Citations do we use?

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