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Backlinking For the Local Business

Backlinking remains one of the largest components of a strong SEO strategy. backlinks act as a trust signal from one website to another. Generally linking relevant content in the form of anchor text, images and various content strategies.

These links are useful in telling Google about your website. Gaining authority in your sector by receiving "endorsements" from other reputable sources.

Backlinking 101 and Why It's Important

Backlinking is important because it serves as an indicator to major search engines that your website can be trusted. Paired with speed optimization and strong keyword relevance, backlinking reinforces the strength of your website and helps maintain and grow your rankings within the search engines.

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How Do I Start Earning Backlinks?

You can earn backlinks in three ways.

Paid Backlinks - This strategy requires some upfront investment into your online property. Backlinks, as explain in the video above, vary in quality and in cost. 

We have some powerful and authoritative backlinking companies under the Vear Digital umbrella of assets. You can gain powerful and relevant backlinks at industry leading costs when you invest in our SEO packages or our independent backlinking services.

Outreach Backlinks - These backlinks are obtained freely by manually reaching out to other Website owners and asking for them to link to your content. This can be mutually beneficial for both parties as long as your content in link worthy. Outreach Backlinking is useful for those on a budget.

Content Ranking Backlinks - Simply create outstanding link worthy content and wait for the sources to come in. This is the longest and most risky process for those looking to rank their properties quickly.

If you are on a strict budget with your website development and SEO, We recommend outreaching for at least a few to start the ranking process.

How do I check My backlinks?

Checking your backlinks is easier than you might suspect. Simple visit Ahrefs.com and use the free website auditing tool available.

You can look at things like your Domain authority, URL rating, number of backlinks and most importantly, the websites that are actually linking to your property.

Dashboard of Ahrefs website showing different metrics and signals
Ahrefs Main overview Dhasboard showing different metrics of website

Key Metrics and Ranking

On this dashboard you can view the overall health of your Search Engine Optimization. There are some key metrics involved that pertain to website rankings in organic search.

Ahrefs Rank - This is the sum of all metrics that Ahrefs has available to your property. It ranks on all major factors and uses an algorithm + Google Search Console Data to give the owner major insights into the type of free traffic a website owner can expect based on their current SEO standing.

URL Rating - This rating is the strength of the main URL. If you think of a website as a tree, The main URL would be the trunk. This metric contains all your meta data, relevance, mapping and contextual clues that help Google understand your user experience.

Domain Rating - Acts similarly to the URL but uses different metrics to create a value. Domain rating is a strong trust symbol. This is the sum of backlinks and the respective strengths and weaknesses they hold along with little factors like the age of your website.

Backlinks - The sum of the backlinks that are pointing directly to your property and are "live". Meaning that when someone clicks on the link, it works well and refers the user to your content.

Referring Domains -  You can receive multiple backlinks from the same website. However, you only get one referring domain. This is the sum of singular domains that all point to your property. It is possible to have over 1000 backlinks and only a handful of referring domains. This is spam backlinking, and we highly recommend you don't do this.

Ahrefs has several tracking and reporting tools that offer massive insight into the power that a business holds in the online world. Moreover, it has the ability to uncover unused power that can bolster a businesses rankings and ultimately create more revenue.

Chart Showing the different stages of SEO

Quality vs Quantity in the Backlink World

Quality Backlinks are far more powerful than the Quantity. 

Google operates on trust and user experience. If your backlinks are coming from spam sites or websites that offer misleading information, you can be penalized. 

Sites will suffer from a downgrade in organic traffic when using broken, low trust or irrelevant backlinks.

Relevance and Trust are Everything

If your backlinks show little to no relevance about your sector, you can be sending google mixed signals. This deteriorates trust and has long lasting effects on a web property's ability to rank higher than the competition.

Vear Digital Backlinking and Monitoring

One Off Backlinking and CLeanup

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Monthly Backlinking, Monitoring and clean up

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